Kick-off for STARS – The Swedish Trans-Atlantic Researchers and Scholars Network

Sweden is a country in the forefront of research and innovation, with great international connections. Every year, a large number of academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, and students, cross the Atlantic to engage in the US research enterprise. Up until now, there has not been an organized forum where these can connect with one another. Now it is finally here!

Some European countries have since long established networks of researchers and scholars in North America. However, given the great Swedish representation in North America, there has been need for a forum where Swedish researchers can connect with one another, engage in interdisciplinary collaboration and networking. Sofia Sedergren, based in New York City, decided to take the first step for such a Swedish scientific network.

In the summer or 2019, the Swedish Trans-Atlantic Researchers and Scholars (STARS) Network was born, with support and knowledge from Euraxess (established by the European Commission) as well as from the Office of Science and Innovation at the Embassy of Sweden. STARS Network is an independent, non-profit membership organization with the following objectives:

  • Promote contact and the exchange of knowledge between Swedish researchers in North America
  • Support people who have or are interested in studying or conducting research in Sweden
  • Inspire innovation, collaboration and joint research projects between researchers
  • Function as an annual meeting place for US based researchers and Swedish research entities

Looking ahead, the ambition is that the STARS Network will grow to become an active and dynamic scientific diaspora in North America, connecting people of all disciplines in an autonomous network. This will be achieved by building strong connections between researchers, promoting networks among researchers and celebrating research successes. While the initiative is still in its early phase, there has already been hugely positive responses from researchers across Sweden and North America. This is promising for the future!

Save the date!

On December 10, a STARS Network kick-off event will be held at the House of Sweden in Washington D.C. Representatives from Euraxess North America, STARS Network and the Embassy of Sweden will be present. More information will follow shortly.

House of Sweden in Washington DC
House of Sweden in Washington DC

Please sign up to become a part of the leadership team or simply become a STARS member here. You can also connect with the STARS Network on Twitter or LinkedIn, or contact for more information about the organization. All ideas of how to further develop the STARS Network are welcome!

Agnes Wiberg, intern at the Office of Science and Innovation in Washington D.C, in collaboration with Sofia Sedergren, STARS Network Initiator