The Office of Science and Innovation Tokyo

The Office of Science and Innovation in Tokyo has been active since 1967, promoting research and innovation between Sweden and Japan. The two countries are among the top in R&D investments, have strong universities and research-intensive industry, as well as several joint societal challenges and focus towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The Office promotes strategic collaboration in Research, Innovation and Higher Education, for mutual benefit and better societies.

The team

Michael Jacob is Science and Innovation Councellor, with a background as associate professor in chemistry, working at universities and research institutes, and as senior adviser to the Swedish Government and the EU in research and innovation.

Noriko Ogawa is Science and Innovation Officer, with an MS in Management and experience from Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry as a manager for Strategic planning and Business development, as well as other Embassy experience.  

Aiko Yamanaka is assistant, and has graduated from Massey University, NZ, majoring in Aviation Management. Worked for a NZ government authority (Aviation Security Service) for several years, and also has a pilot license.

Amelie Bennich is newly graduated M.Sc. in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering from Uppsala University, and currently works as intern at the Office of Science and Innovation.

Team Japan: Michael, Amelie, Aiko and Noriko. Photo: Science and Innovation Office Japan.