A pre-Nobel Prize Celebration for the new Japanese Laureate

The Embassy of Sweden welcomed with great pleasure Dr Yoshino, one of the three who jointly were awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry, to a Nobel reception at the Ambassador’s residence on the 26th of November to celebrate his success. Nine of the earlier Japanese Nobel laureates also participated to congratulate Dr Yoshino together with other high-level guests, of becoming Japan’s 28th Nobel prize winner.

Dr Yoshino.

Dr Yoshino har been awarded the Prize together with Dr Goodenough and Dr Whittingham for their work in the development of lithium-ion batteries. They will jointly receive their prize on the 10th of December in Stockholm on the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony.

The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Mr Hagiuda, as well as the Minister for Science and Technology in the Cabinet Office, Mr Takemoto, were among those who celebrated Dr Yoshino’s hard work. Ambassador Högberg and Minister Hagiuda addressed the guests with speeches, where the Minister had the honour to do the toast. Mr Hagiuda highlighted in his speech how proud the country is, and how important research is for the country’s long-term prosperity and development.

Minister Mr Hagiuda while doing his speech, and Ambassador Högberg.

In Japan, the Nobel Prize is among the most prestigious prizes to receive. This was confirmed by the high interest form media with around 45 participating, for taking photos with the more than 30 percent of all Japanese laureates collected at the residence, hear the speeches, and interview Dr Yoshino. The evening continued successfully, where the high-level participants had the opportunity to have relaxed, positive and constructive conversations.

Dr Yoshino while being interviewed.

During the speech, apart from congratulating Japan and Dr Yoshino, the ambassador also highlighted the similarities between Japan and Sweden in research and innovation, and how we now are deepening our collaboration in line with the Joint Statement signed during the celebration of 150 years of diplomatic relations last year. The Ambassador ended by stating his dream of one day having a reception for a joint Japanese and Swedish Nobel Prize award, as result of our collaboration.