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Facing the complex global challenges of today’s world requires nations and people working together to innovate and deliver viable sustainable solutions. Co-creation and collaboration is our most crucial tool in order to reach our common global 2030 Agenda targets. This blog aims to give you updates and insights into how Sweden works internationally with our Innovation and Science Offices to strengthen Sweden’s global connections. This is the first post, and there will be many more to come.

Sweden’s Offices of Science and Innovation

Sweden has established a total of six Innovation and Science Offices located at the embassies in Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, New Delhi, Washington DC and Brasilia. Their work is carried out in close collaboration with the embassy’s and other Swedish actors operating in the countries.

The overall goal of the offices is to strengthen Sweden’s global connections to strategic international innovation, research and higher education environments. The offices’ task is to act as brokers, strategic advisors and door openers.

The priorities of the Science and Innovation Offices follow the Swedish Government’s five Innovation Partnership Programmes – Next Generation Travel and Transport, Smart Cities, Circular and Bio-based Economy, Life Science and Connected Industry and New Materials. The offices are also linked to 2030 Agenda and the UN global goals.

How often will this blog be updated?

Each office and the secretariat in Stockholm will update a few times a month, giving you a flow of news and updates. You can also follow our offices via Twitter and each Embassy’s social media flow. If you have any questions or want to join in our co-creation, please do not hesitate to contact the offices or the secretariat. Our contact information can be found here.

Whole team: Nannan Lundin, Michael Jacob, Maria Lunander, Henric Johnson and Jacob Paulsen. Photo: Maria A. Nilsson.