Supporting the Offices of Science and Innovation

The Offices of Science and Innovation are conducting long-term and strategic promotion of Sweden as a leading nation in the areas of innovation, research and higher education. By reinforcing global links to international ecosystems and environments for innovation and research, they are attracting investments, expertise, skills and collaborations. Building relationships and networks with key players in their countries is an essential part of the job.

But to be truly successful, they also need a strong support structure back in Sweden. Therefore, the Swedish Government have established a collaboration between the Ministry of Enterprise, the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the core of this collaboration is a steering group with senior officials from the ministries above, as well as an inter-ministerial working group – both dealing with the strategic governance of the offices. Furthermore, a special section at the Ministry of Enterprise has been created to support and coordinate the day-to-day operations and communication activities – including this blog. The secretariat also plays an important part in the coordination between actors and supports the strong links between the offices and key players the Swedish innovation system and other stakeholders.