Keeping up the conversation

In order for us to find areas for co-creation and collaboration between Sweden and other countries it is important to find common challenges that we can solve together. Sweden has identified our key challenges, but we also need to understand the interest of other countries facing similar challenges. This is the task of our Offices of Science and Innovation.

However, as brokers and facilitators of collaboration it is important for our offices to not only know the country in which they operate, they also have deep insights in the Science, higher education and Innovation system of Sweden. We therefore regularly bring our offices home to Sweden to touch base with the Swedish actors as well as sharing their insights to inspire new surfaces of collaboration.

Would you like to meet us in person?

Right now, the Secretariat in Sweden have hectic weeks of insights exchange and development of new ideas ahead. The office in USA will be in Stockholm between the 11th and the 15th of March. Our office in China will be in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Linköping between the 25th of March and the 3rd  of April. And our office in Brazil will be in Stockholm between the 1st and the 5th of April. The scheduling of the weeks is in progress, but if you want to meet up with our offices to discuss new ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Save the date

Also a small save the date – if you want to meet all of the counselors at once, we are bringing them home for a “team week” from the 19th of August until the 23rd of August. During this week the focus will be on areas of development that are of interest in all of the countries in which we operate.