Currently recharging

On the 17th of June the European Commission released its annual 2019 Innovation Scoreboards, where Sweden remains in the top position, followed by Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. One reason for our success surely must be Sweden’s affection for “fika” (short coffee breaks with sweet buns to widen conversations or find new perspectives). Another one might be “semester”, since in Sweden all workers have the right to four consecutive weeks of vacation without interruptions, to make sure that we recharge our batteries and allow new ideas to grow.

As prime minister Stefan Löfven stated in his address to the employees at the Government Offices: When your holiday comes, use it to the fullest and charge your batteries – read a book. Our prime minister is reading a biography of our late Social democratic prime minister Tage Erlander by Dick Harrison. However, as his book is so far only published in Swedish, we would like to give an alternative book suggestion: “Bumblebee Nation: The hidden story of the new Swedish model”, by David Crouch.

Looking forward to reconnecting with all readers of this blog again in August, where we hope to hear about the new ideas that the vacation has sparked in your brilliant minds. Please contact us at if you want to share your ideas with us.

Until then, have a fantastisk sommar!