KIST, a model South Korean Research Institute

Started in 1966 Korea Institute for Science and Technology, KIST, is the oldest government research institute in Korea, an internationally renowned public research institute and a model for many korean institutes that have followed since. Today it is the workplace for some 3600 people, most of them at the sprawling campus in Seoul.

With the Korean government spending more on research and innovation than any other country per capita, KIST is a central actor in a government push for Science. High on the agenda for Korea is to increase the country’s independence of key technologies for producing semiconductors and other important export products. Recent events in international trade relations have given these issues heightened attention and KIST is an important resource to achieve public objectives.

When the OSI-office at the Swedish embassy in Seoul visited KIST, we were very well received and appreciated a great deal of interest in how the Swedish government has designed its research institutes in and how participation between institutes, academia and industry takes place.

Dr. So Yeon Kim at KIST show the set up at her lab to imaging individual molecules

There are collaborations between KIST and Swedish actors, notably with SciLifeLab, with which they signed a Letter of Intent to cooperate, during the State visit of President Moon to Sweden in June, and I look forward to see more connections between Swedish actors and KIST.