Visit to Anprotec: new opportunities to cooperate

The Science and Innovation Office visited the National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (Anprotec) in their new office in Brasília. The meeting was attended by Sheila Oliveira, Executive Director, Elso Alberti, director of International Relations and Business Development Director of the São José dos Campos Park, Antonio Marcon of the Corporate Venture area, and Simone Torrescana of the startup internationalization area.

After a presentation of the Innovation Office and its objectives by the Director Jacob Paulsen, Anprotec brought some interesting points about future cooperation.

One of the issues addressed was the Startout Brazil program. StartOut Brasil is a program to support the insertion of Brazilian startups in the world’s innovation ecosystems. The startups selected follow an immersion program with expert advice, mentoring, training, and an international mission with matchmaking and demo day for investors. After the mission there is still support for internationalization and softlanding in the target market. In 2019, four visits are planned: London, Santiago, Toronto and Shanghai. But the 2020 calendar is still open and could have a mission to Stockholm.

Ana Carolina Bussacos, Sheila Pires and Jacob Paulsen. Photo: Science and Innovation Office Brazil.

Another point addressed was the Rota 2030 Program of the Brazilian automotive sector. Companies, also Swedish, will be able to submit projects in the area in partnership with Brazilian technological parks.

Finally, the Land2Land Platform, an instrument for softlanding, was mentioned. This program includes actions such as matchmaking, mentoring and managerial training sessions. It also offers easy access to a reliable network of technology parks, business incubators, accelerators, coworkings, etc. Unfortunately, there is still no Swedish counterpart in the program. This could be reversed with increased cooperation between the two countries.


Created in 1987, Anprotec is an Association with 370 members, including business incubators, technology parks, accelerators, coworkers, teaching and research institutions, public agencies and other entities linked to entrepreneurship and innovation.

There is a large spectrum of action as influencing in the formulation of public policies and strategies; supporting associated ecosystems and innovation mechanisms through access to relevant knowledge, international cooperation, integrated projects, encouragement and support for regional networks, recognition of good practice, participation in qualified fora and technical missions; enhancing the qualification of ecosystem management and associated innovation mechanisms through seminars, courses, technical missions and workshops; articulating the interaction between the public and private partners and actors of the national system of innovation and entrepreneurship; and mobilizing the regional and thematic networks for the elaboration and implementation of the entity’s policies and strategies.

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