Sweden’s Innovation Weeks 2019 in Brazil – First week

Since 2012, the Sweden Embassy in Brazil has been organizing the Innovation Weeks together with the local Team Sweden consisting of the OSI-Office of Science and Innovation, Business Sweden, The consulates and the Swedish Brazilian Center of Research and innovation (CISB). This year, we have more than 40 events in 14 cities, meaning that the innovation weeks have been growing each year and since a while is extended to two weeks. Last week (16th-20th of September) was first of the two innovation weeks with the participation of the OSI in several of the event. Below we have selected some:

Bilateral meetings with Vinnova and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information (MCTIC)

The 16th of September, the OSI started out with a meeting between MCTIC and Vinnova to discuss about possible ways to continue with our newly agreed on Action plan for cooperation in Innovation. From Vinnova we had the honor of visit of Regina Summers (international cooperation – Canada and Brazil) and Karin Rydén (Head of international cooperation).

E-health and digitalization with the Ministry of Health

Opening table of the Seminar of Digitalization of health

The 17th of September we had an event with the Ministry of Health in Brazil with participation of AstraZeneca and Head of Unit (Kunskapsstöd Somatik) Anette Falkenroth from “Region Västra Götland”, talking about Health Digitization. This event discussed the trajectories of both countries, future challenges and possibilities for cooperation in the area of digitalization of health. Here we also, had the participation of Karin Rydén and Regina Summer from Vinnova as well as the Director of the Science and Innovation Office, Jacob Paulsen.

Tekla festival, part 1

Later the same day, we had part one of the Tekla Festival with the support from the Swedish Institute (SI) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). In this first part, 30 girls in the age between 13 and 15 years, met at the Planetarium in Brasilia to build dancing robots under supervision from of KTH-volunteers. The objective was to empower girls to think about the possibility of a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM).

Smart City

Gustavo Henrique (Biotic), Carlos Pereira (Caesb), State Secretary Emil Högberg, Carlos Eduardo Pereira from Embrapii, Karin Rydén (Vinnova), Emiliano Abreu (GDF)

The 18th of September, the Science and Innovation Office in Brazil with the support of the Swedish Institute organized a seminar intitled Smart City Brasília Sweden. The opening table was composed by State Secretary Emil Högberg, Karin Rydén from Vinnova, representants from Embrapii (Brazilian Company for Industrial Research and Innovation), Senai (National Industrial Learning Service), Caesb (Federal District Environmental Sanitation Company), Emilano Abreu from the International Relation Secretary and Gilvan Maximo, Secretary from the Science, Technology and Innovation Secretariat both from the Government of the Federal District. Brazilians and Swedish panelist gave examples of cooperation and technical solutions. We had presentations from among others Tillvaxtverket, Naturvardsverket, KTH, U&We and C/O City. During the seminar, the participants could also visit the Smart City exhibition from Swedish Institute.

Tekla festival, part 2

Karin Rydén, Vinnova, Emil Högberg, State secretary, the new Swedish Ambassador in Brazil, Johanna Brismar Skoog

Later same day, the Tekla festival continued with part 2 where the target audience were adults in general and the topic was how more women can get into the area of science and technology. A dialogue was held at the University of Brasília with the presence of among other, Emil Högberg, (State secretary), the new Swedish Ambassador in Brazil, Johanna Brismar Skoog and the Federal District Secretary for Women, Ericka Filippelli.

Meeting with funding agencies

Representants from Finep, Senai, Vinnova, Fapesp, Embrapii, BNDES

The 19th of September, the Science and Innovation Office participated in a workshop with several funding agencies from both Brazil and Sweden (Vinnova, Senai, Finep, FapeSP, Embrapii and BNDES) to discuss how they in the best way could cooperate regarding common call and support the bilateral cooperation between our countries.

Match making with Senai, Embrapii and Rise

Senai, Office of Science and Innovation, Embrapii and Ibict representants

The 20th of September a matchmaking event was held at Senai in São Paulo to strengthen the cooperation between Sweden and Brazil. On both sites participated actors in the area of Bioeconomy and ICT to find partners for further cooperation. The match making will continue during the Brazilian innovation week in Stockholm between the 7th and 11th of October.

More to come

Next week will be full of more events from the innovation week from which we will report in our next blog post.


Ana Carolina & Jacob