8th Brazilian Industry Innovation Summit

On June 10 and 11, the 8th Brazilian Industry Innovation Summit was held in São Paulo with the participation of more than 6000 people. The event is organized every second year by the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae). During these two days, representatives from the productive sector, government and academia met for one of the largest and most consistent debate on innovation in Latin America.

The Innovation Congress was attended by 68 speakers who debated the trends of innovation in Brazil as well as outside in the rest of the world. A large variation of topics was elaborated like investments, the work place in the future, the technology development in the defense sector, trends in the Global Innovation Index (GII), innovative women, cities of the future among others.

The need for a regulatory framework for Startups and a national plan for “Internet of Things “(IOT) was also brought up for discussion. Several speakers also addressed an important subject: The need for the universities to approach the need of the industry, introducing more “entrepreneurism” education.

Another important point discussed was the need to modify the innovation instruments. According to Igor Nazareth, from the sub secretary of Innovation of the Ministry of Economy (ME), it is necessary to update the Brazilian Law of Innovation, but also encourage the use of public procurement for mission-oriented research. According to the secretary of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC), Paulo Alvim, there is a need for a continuity and long-term planning in public policies for innovation, together with an upgrading in the qualification of the workforce to deal with the new technologies.

Presence of Sweden

Sweden was present on the Summit with the exhibition of the Gripen aircraft from Saab and also through the presentation of Defense Innovation by Lisa Åbom, Vice-president and Head of Technology of Saab. During her speech she focused on the innovation created in the defense area and on the challenges of the new technology and field of startups. Another interesting point was the awarding of Best Medium Enterprise for Akaer in two categories: Product Innovation and Organizational Innovation. Regarding to the prize of Organizational Innovation, Akaer mentioned that “it’s organizational structure was influenced by the work that has been developed together with Saab for about a decade”

Ana Carolina & Jacob