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Plastic ocean pollution. Whale Shark filter feeds in polluted ocean, ingesting plastic ; Shutterstock ID 1120768061; Purchase Order: INT Campaigns; Job: Plastics; Client/Licensee: WWF

Japan aiming for plastic-free oceans and pushing bio-economy

During the G20 Summit in Osaka this summer, a number of global challenges were addressed, among them the growing amount of plastic debris. During the G20, the “Osaka Blue Ocean Vision” was shared, with its aim to reduce pollution of marine...
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Tekla Festival in Brasília

Technology is essential in all areas of society. Yet, women are not currently benefitting from the opportunities offered by the growing digital economy. The gender gap represents lost opportunity for millions of women. For the world in general,...
Science Village vision
ScienceVillage Vision. Image: COBE.

Growing Big Science in a Small Country

The US has over the years build large scale research infrastructure, which has been important for several scientific breakthrough results. Sweden is now also a Big Science facility country in collaboration with several European and global actors....